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August 16, 2019                                                                                                                                               Home

This spring and summer, there has been a lot of activity on Hancock County roads.  Point Broadband (formerly Sunset Fiber), Powell Valley Electric Cooperative (PVEC), and contractor trucks have been busy rolling out high speed fiber optic wire.  Workers are placing fiber optic line on Powell Valley Electric Cooperative poles and connecting houses right now.  

This high speed internet service (with TV and phone also available) has been in place in parts of Hancock County for several years now.  However, the current activity benefits many more Hancock County residents (and some in Claiborne County) – thanks to a grant from the state of Tennessee.   

The electrical service provided by PVEC to Hancock County and its entire eight county area is equal to any in large towns and cities.  The installation of high speed fiber optic will get us rural Hancock County residents “up to speed” for our work needs, communication, and entertainment. 

Changing to high speed fiber optic service is a big improvement for those who have been using a satellite.  The connection speed is much faster, and the price is lower.  There are unlimited data plans.  For those who have been using a dialup connection, the change in speed and reliability will be very noticeable.

image of optical fiber cable

The high speed connection is valuable for everyone.  It might be especially important for people who need to connect to a medical service provider.  For students, being able to get information for school work or projects is essential.  People who work at home and need to be online will benefit from the high speed service.  Volunteer fire departments can communicate and gather information quicker.

To find out if you are in the grant area, go online to or call 276-449-4639.  If you are not located in the grant area and are interested in high speed fiber optic internet service, call Powell Valley Electric Cooperative at 423-626-5204.

Please note that you can conveniently pay your monthly Point Broadband bill at the PVEC office in Sneedville.

Everyone needs to learn more about our electric cooperative. For more information, go to 

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