Community Forums


Member Voices will hold forums for your organization to cover topics related to our cooperative, energy efficiency, renewables and broadband for your group!  Just contact us at

In 2017, Member Voices began to hold a series of community forums to help member-owners understand the co-op’s decision-making processes, know their rights, and take action!  We’ve covered lots of topics, including general information about electric cooperatives and PVEC, how to read your bill, renewable energy sources, broadband, and more. 

The latest forum was held on October 20, 2020, for the Sharps Chapel area.  We collaborated with PVEC and Scott County to organize a discussion on broadband access in our service area, especially as PVEC rolls out fiber-optic cable to the community. Member Voices was proud to collaborate with PVEC for the first time on this  forum! 

Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Stay tuned for more in 2021.                                                                                                                                              Home