2020 Member-Owner Survey

2020 Member-Owner Survey

In August of 2020, Member Voices mailed over 700 surveys to member-owners of Powell Valley Electric Cooperative.  The names and addresses were gathered from Member Voices petitions and  events that were held in the past.  We wanted to know what issues were important to them because we believe that by working with members we can find ways to address the issues that impact lives and communities.

95 surveys were returned, a great return for a mailing like this!  It was no surprise that broadband internet was the top response, followed by herbicide spraying.  

Responders could check more than one issue and were able to add other issues to the survey.  There were several other issues that concerned member-owners;  term limits for the board, fair nominating process for board seats, cell phone tower, electric service reliability, tree trimming in the right-of-way and wind power.

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