Clearing the Right-of-Way on Your Property Without Herbicide Spraying

May 1, 2023                                                                                                                                                            Home         

In order to keep electric power flowing to our homes, schools, and places of work, your electric cooperative needs to keep the power lines clear.  Powell Valley Electric Cooperative (PVEC) uses a variety of methods to do this, including herbicide spraying.  This allows linemen access to replace or repair damaged wires after storms or accidents.  The right-of-way must be maintained, but is spraying the only way?

 PVEC has a policy for members who want to “opt out” of spraying. If you are a co-op member and do not want herbicides sprayed on your property, you can call PVEC and request to opt out.  How does it work?  

A PVEC staff person will come to your property and look at your power lines.  You can choose to opt out for your entire property or a portion of the property.  If your right-of-way is clear, you will sign a two year contract with PVEC and receive “NO SPRAY” signs to be posted at the end of your property line. There is a minimal charge for these signs.

If your property does not meet right-of-way requirements, you will be given 75 days to clear the right-of-way.  PVEC staff will then return and sign a contract – if you have completed clearing.  It is then your responsibility to keep the line clear.  The contract can be seen at  the PVEC website:   

To summarize, 

Member Voices encourages you to use the opt out option.  The two year contract covers one year of spraying, as PVEC sprays every other year.  The ability to avoid spraying totally or partially is a definite plus for you, your property and the environment (bees, birds, and wildflowers). You will find that each time you clear the right-of-way, it becomes easier to maintain.

Member Voices is a group of PVEC members who work together to increase member involvement and in the cooperative. Member Voices has worked with PVEC for six years to provide solutions to problems that concern PVEC members.  For specific questions about spraying or other issues, email us at .

To learn more about PVEC, our electric cooperative, go to

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