Interested in learning about solar power for your home?

February 22, 2021                                                                                                                                            Home

The use of solar power continues to grow, as the cost of operating coal-powered plants increases.  In its recent contracts with local power companies (LPCs), including Powell Valley Electric Cooperative (PVEC),  the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA ) is enabling up to 5% of the power needs of an LPC to be created locally by renewable energy sources, especially solar.  This addition of local solar power provides increased flexibility to LPCs and cost savings to members/customers.  

TVA also has a Green Invest program that allows LPCs the ability to create special opportunities for renewable energy.  Knoxville Utilities Board is currently involved in setting up a 500mw system in cooperation with the University of Tennessee and the city of Knoxville. 

Aerial view of solar farm at Chattanooga’s Airport

As technology improves, the cost of installing solar arrays decreases  This is true for utilities (like PVEC) and for homeowners, businesses, and industry.  More and more industries are looking to include renewable energy in their portfolio to cut costs and benefit the environment.  The Chattanooga airport is one of many large businesses that are now 100% solar power supplied. 

The decreasing cost of installing solar power impacts the homeowner as well.  If you are thinking about going solar and want to know more, PVEC Member Voices is offering a free solar power webinar on Tuesday, March 9 at 4 pm.  This is not a sales pitch, but a one hour information program.  You can join this webinar in your own home.

This webinar will provide information for people in the PVEC region concerning solar home installation, including:  cost, tax credits, location, regulation, grid connection, battery storage, and more.  Dave Hrivnak of EcoLogical Energy and Nancy Bell, a PVEC member who has recently had solar installed at her home, will be joining us to talk about going solar.

To sign up for this webinar, call 423/300-6313 or email and leave contact information.  You will receive a return phone call or email with information on how to register. 

If you know anyone interested in solar power for their home, please feel free to give them the contact information above.  Although the workshop is designed for members of PVEC, the information would be useful for anyone who is a member of another electric cooperative or a public utility – especially if their LPC gets power from the TVA. 

Everyone needs to learn more about our electric cooperative.  For more information, go to

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