Mail-in ballots

Not everyone has the time or the resources to vote in-person.  In early July 2019,we circulated a petition to encourage PVEC to start using mail-in ballots for elections, which would give all member-owners the opportunity to participate and increase overall member participation in the rural PVEC service area.

We started this petition before the COVID-19 crisis.  PVEC didn’t opt to use mail-in ballots to reduce exposure in 2020, despite widespread public support. Instead,  PVEC opted to hold its 2020 election over the entire week preceding the Annual Meeting.  Members had to drive – some for as many as four hours roundtrip –  to the Tazewell office between 9 – 5 to cast their votes. This was not accessible for folks that work, are handicapped, or do not have financial or transportation means to get to Tazewell.

We are still collecting signatures!  We already have approximately 400 from in-person and online events, which were presented to Roger Ball, President of the PVEC Board, at the 2020 Annual Meeting held on September 19, 2020.

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