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October 19, 2020                                                                                                                                             Home

Even before the coronavirus affected so many of our lives, it was clear that access to the internet was becoming more and more essential. This is more true now with coronavirus. Much schoolwork for our kids, medical communication, and people working at home require quality high speed internet. 

Powell Valley Electric Cooperative (PVEC) has expressed its interest in and a commitment  to provide quality high speed internet access to everyone who is a member of the Cooperative.  “PVEC Fiber” is the name that PVEC has given to the service that it has begun building out across its service area.    

Currently PVEC is installing or has recently installed the necessary backbone fiber in at least three areas:  Clinch Valley to highway 70, then up through Eidson area to Fairview in Virginia;  Snake Hollow Road in Hancock and Claiborne counties;  Sharp’s Chapel area in Union County.   The next step is to run additional lines and hook up houses.

Sharps Chapel fiber backbone loop, currently being constructed

Members are encouraged to call the PVEC office at 423/626-5204 and ask questions about availability and/or  to sign up for service.  PVEC Fiber has a variety of plans with various speeds of delivery.  There are reduced rates if there is a college student using the internet at your home.  Telephone service is also available through PVEC Fiber.  Before you call, you can go to the PVEC website for more information:  

One problem that has affected people in the buildout of another high speed internet service is the limited capacity for connection.  For example, some who live in the area of Hanock County served by the $1 million grant from the state of Tennessee (Treadway Project), have been told that even though their neighbors have high speed internet, they cannot be connected until someone with existing service disconnects.

This is especially frustrating for people who can see the high speed internet (microfiber) lines out their window connecting their neighbors to the internet.  The service is there in clear sight, but they cannot get it in their homes.  PVEC has stated that the microfiber technology PVEC uses to connect members with the internet will not have the problem of limited capacity. 

 PVEC Member Voices supports the importance of providing high speed internet service to all members of the cooperative. 

Everyone needs to learn more about our electric cooperative. For more information, go to

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