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In case, you haven’t noticed, the grass has been growing – as it does every year.  If you have a lawn or yard, it’s a good idea to keep the grass and weeds down.  Some have suggested May should be “No-Mow” month, but most of us here in the green hills of east Tennessee will not want the lawn and yard to grow unchecked for a month.

This article compares battery-powered electric and gas-powered mowers.  This recommendation for electric mowers is for a lawn or yard of less than an acre – although I and many others have riding mowers that can mow up to two acres on a charge.  So, why is an electric mower better?

EASE:  The electric mower does not need gas or oil.  You don’t have to be sure how much gas is left in your gas can and drive to town to get more gas.  You don’t have to carry the gas can around. No oil to change.  No air filters to inspect or change.  There is no issue with chokes or carburetors.  Just push the button and go.

Another point – sometimes when mowing you come across a branch or rock or plastic bag, and you stop your mower to clear it.  After stopping an electric mower, a push of a button cranks it right up.  No need to pull a cord.  No possibility of a flooded engine.

COST:   Every year the price of electric mowers goes down.  Below is a comparative chart from this week.  Brand names of mowers are not listed, but information comes from the website of a major store in Morristown.  All these models include baggers.

Type Cutting Width Engine Size/Range Self-Propelled Cost
Gas 21” 170cc no $293
Gas 21” 163cc no $339
Gas 21” 150cc yes $369
Electric 20” 35-40 minutes no $299
Electric 21” 45 minutes yes $399

The upfront cost is a bit higher for electric than gas.  However, take into account the issues in the EASE section above – and no costs for gas ($4 per gallon), oil, air filter, engine maintenance. One season’s mowing will save enough on these items to cover the small extra upfront cost of the mower.

Yes, the electric mower has a battery, and it must be recharged.  The battery can be plugged in to any standard 110 outlet in your home or garage.  I have not noticed any increase in our electric bill.

NOISE/SMELL:   Although the electric mower does make noise, it is not as loud as a gas mower.  There are no fumes from the electric mower.

ENVIRONMENT:  Tennessee is becoming a national leader in production of electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries.  There are more and more EVs on the road.  Not all of us can afford an EV right now, but we can do our share by changing from a gas-powered mower to an electric mower.

Everyone needs to learn more about our electric cooperative.  For more information, go to

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