Opt-out of the herbicide spraying

ROW sprayed in Sharps Chapel

Are you are concerned about the use of herbicides in our environment?  Do you think that the scorched land underneath the power lines “look ugly”?  You have a choice.  You can opt out of the spraying.  It’s easy!

First, let our cooperative know that you would like to opt out of the spraying.  

A cooperative representative will meet with you on site. Then show the Cooperative representative the areas that you wish to opt-out of spraying.  You may opt out for all areas, or for only sections of the right-of-way (ROW) on your land. 

The Cooperative will let you know what you need to do to be compliant with the opt-out policy.  There will be 75 days from the date of the initial site visit to bring the opt-out ROW area into compliance with the Cooperative’s clear ROW standards.

Poisoned foliage under PVEC power lines.

After that time, the  Cooperative will conduct another inspection to verify that your ROW area meets the standards of the policy.  If the opt-out area fails to meet these standards,  the Cooperative may give you a small amount of additional time to bring the ROW into compliance.

Signs, purchased from the Cooperative, must be erected and prominently displayed at each location where the Cooperative’s lines enter and exit the op-out area. 

Agreements are in effective for 2 years and you are solely responsible for your ROW maintenance.  After the first two years, you will be required to execute a new two-calendar year term opt-out agreement.  These agreements are NOT automatically renewable and you must start the process again. 

For specific details, read the ROW Opt-out Policy.