Other current work

Promote renewable energy sources

Fossil fuel still plays a big role in electricity generation.  Because of fossil fuel’shealthimpacts, PVECMember Voices encourages use of renewables by members and PVEC.  If members buy in, we can pressure PVEC, and TVA, to include renewables into their power mix and make a healthier tomorrow for everyone.  

Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy efficiency is a great way to save money on power and reduce fossil fuel use.  PVEC Member Voices supports  the adoption of energy savings programs (outside of those provided by TVA) sponsored by PVEC to benefit members and the community.  An example of one program is “PAYS”, or Pay As You Save, which allows utilities to invest funds to increase energy efficiency in homes. 


Cooperative Scorecard

PVEC Member Voices collaborated with Appalachian Voices to create a scorecard to rate and compare electric cooperatives in Tennessee in the areas of transparency, governance, broadband availability, energy efficiency programs, renewable energy programs, billing and CEO/GM compensation.  


Inside the Tennessee state house

MV is currently working with other organizations within Tennessee and Virginia to introduce state legislation regarding oversight of electric cooperatives in the areas of transparency and governance.