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November 11, 2019                                                                                                                                             Home

What is TECA (Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association), and what does it do?  Following is a summary of TECA activity.  More information can be found at  tnelectric.org

There are 22 electric cooperatives in the state of Tennessee, including our own Powell Valley Electric Cooperative (PVEC).  TECA is the statewide trade group that serves the needs of Tennessee’s electric cooperatives, as well as two Georgia-based cooperatives and one municipal system.  PVEC is a TECA member. TECA has 11 people on staff.   

Every member of PVEC receives The Tennessee Magazine or the Cooperative Living Magazine (if you live in Virginia).  TECA produces the Tennessee magazine. Each member cooperative has an 8 page section with specific information from that cooperative.

One of TECA’s main responsibilities is lobbying.  TECA advocates for member electric cooperatives at the state level in Nashville and at the federal level in Washington.  A few years back TECA worked with the state legislature to pass a bill making it possible for rural electric cooperatives to provide broadband service to cooperative members.

TECA offers education and training for cooperative board directors and employees.  These programs are designed to increase the professionalism of directors and employees and inform them of the latest developments in the fast changing electric power industry.  TECA does not require a member cooperative to participate in these programs.  TECA does not interfere with internal decisions of member cooperatives.

TECA provides services and resources to cooperatives, such as organizing the annual Washington Youth Tour (each year several high school students from the PVEC area go to the nation’s capital) and Youth Leadership Summit.  In mid-2018 when PVEC General Manager/CEO Randell Meyers retired, a TECA staff person served as acting General Manager for several months – until Randell Meyers was re-hired in October 2018.

TECA acts as agent for cooperative interests, working with TVA and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.  In the case of natural disasters, TECA coordinates assistance – whether in-state or as a point of contact for neighboring states.  For example, after a recent hurricane, a PVEC crew traveled to Florida to help restore power.

Everyone needs to learn more about our electric cooperative.  This month’s PVEC board meeting will take place at the New Tazewell office on Monday, November 18 at 6:30pm.  All PVEC members can attend.

Everyone needs to learn more about our electric cooperative. For more information, go to  pve.coop .

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