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September 16, 2019                                                                                                                                       Home

“It really is your Cooperative”.  This is a quote from the first page of the Powell Valley Electric  Cooperative (PVEC) Member Handbook

Once a year, our Powell Valley Electric Cooperative (PVEC) holds an annual meeting.  All member-owners and families are invited.  The annual meeting is the ONLY opportunity for member-owners to meet other member-owners, staff, and board members.  At this year’s meeting, there will be a vote on an important amendment to the bylaws.

You are encouraged to vote “Yes” on the amendment to support the following:

      • Advance notice of board meetings
      • Open board meetings
      • Publication of minutes from board minutes
      • Ability to record board meetings

Activities begin at 9 am.  This year’s meeting takes place at the Thomas Walker High School on Bluegrass (or Blue Gray) Drive in Ewing, Virginia.

As usual, to quote from the Tennessee magazine, “there will be something for everyone.  A health fair will be available during the day, reports about the operations of your cooperative will be given and the annual business session will be conducted.  There will be activities for the children and a delicious lunch for your family to enjoy.  Members will have a chance to take home great door prizes.”  Music will be provided by the Dark Ridge band.

Lunch will be served at 11:45.  The Business Session begins at 1 pm.  It is during the Business Session that discussion and vote on the amendment will take place.  The full  text of the amendment can be read in the September issue of the Tennessee magazine or on the Member Voices website at

Everyone needs to learn more about our electric cooperative.  For more information, go to  

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