Why wait in long lines to vote at annual meeting?






June 22, 2019                                                                                                                                                                                          Home

Long lines at the 2018 PVEC Annual Meeting

Many of us remember standing in the hot sun for two hours last September to vote at the PVEC annual meeting at the high school.  Voting does not have to be like this.  Think of the many people who cannot give up more than two hours of their time to exercise their member right to vote. This does not include driving time, which can easily be over an hour each way depending on where the meeting is held:  New Tazewell, Sneedville, Jonesville

If the only way you can vote is to be in one place on one day over a four hour period, who will not be able to vote?  Members who work on the Saturday of the annual meeting cannot vote.  Members who are unable to drive may not be able to get a ride to the annual meeting.  Members who are disabled or ill may not be able to leave their homes to attend the meeting and vote.  Due to large voter turnout in 2018, many members came, saw the long lines, and left.  All these members have as much right and reason to vote as do members who can attend the meeting.

Other electric cooperatives have found the mail-in ballot to be a great way to  increase member voter turnout. An independent third party is hired to take charge of the voting process.  The certified results are announced at the annual meeting.

Voting by mail-in ballot also reduces PVEC staff time spent preparing for and working on the same day voting procedure.   Members can attend the meeting and enjoy meeting other members and staff, the festivities, meal, and door prizes.   

With the mail-in ballot, there is no waiting in long lines in the heat for two hours. There is no question about the member name on the electric bill and their right to vote.   A member has a reasonable amount of time to return the ballot to an independent third party. 

If you think Powell Valley Electric Cooperative should use mail-in ballots for voting at the annual meeting, please fill out the petition linked here.

Everyone needs to learn more about our electric cooperative. For more information, go to pve.coop.

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